greetings and welcome to my first webbed site!

Like many, I’ve been dissatisfied with social media and feeling increasingly uncomfortable in corporate-owned internet, so when I learned about Neocities and the web revival movement, I immediately created my own little site. I'm still figuring out the whole HTML thing but I'm excited to learn!

I want this to be a place where I can infodump about my interests and share my hobbies without the fear of not being “good enough” at them. This site is a constant work in progress, so stay tuned for more shrines, art pages, collections and whatever else I may decide to add!

My current main interests:

    Postcrossing and anything mail-related
    paper crafts
    different forms of journaling
    Nancy Drew games


June 2024:

  • June 4th: it's my humble site's 1st birthday! Set up a special site email to keep in touch with people; also new picrews and quiz results on my about page and three new fun links on the links page; added a new guestbook

April 2024:

March 2024:

February 2024:

January 2024:

  • January 28th: finally added the log page to my Halloween shrine! Praise be!
  • January 10th: added a book club page

October 2023:

September 2023:

August 2023:

  • August 28: added some free cross-stitch patterns to my spooky page
  • August 27: added some Scooby-Doo recs to my spooky media page
  • August 25: we finally have a guestbook, people!
  • August 22: added a neighbors section to my links page + other small tweaks
  • August 20: the postcard collection page is up!
  • August 17: started on spooky media rec page
  • August 4: added two buttons; started a Halloween shrine (very much a WIP!!!)

July 2023:

  • July 30: the about me page is finally up and running!
  • July 29: the index page looks somewhat okay now!

June 2023:

  • June 10: finally made a header!
  • June 4: made this page!

site to-do list

1. set up a page for video game reviews
2. make my own adopts
3. make a hobby page; start with adding my film photography there
4. make more buttons/make new buttons
5. Halloween shrine: add backlog; game recs etc; my plans (lists of stuff + crafts)
6. join webrings
7. start working on Nancy Drew shrine
8. Postcrossing shrine: sort links; add favorite sent cards
9. upload more cards to my collection


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